Environmental Programs




Any aspect of a business’s function that could “potentially” impact a natural resource such as air, water, soil, or wildlife, either directly or indirectly, is subject to a number of environmental regulations. These regulations exist at the federal, state, and local levels and impact most of the industrial, commercial, and municipal business sectors to varying degrees. These business sectors include, but are not limited to, agriculture; automotive; construction; oil and gas; electric, water and sewage utilities; medical and laboratory; manufacturing; transportation; forestry and logging; mining; etc. 

There are also activities that indirectly support a business’s core function that may not be readily identified as activities which are subject to environmental regulations. These activities include, but are not limited to, on site fuel/oil storage; waste management; transportation, shipping, disposal (TSD) of dangerous goods (e.g. batteries, etc.); backup generator air emissions; electronic technology disposal (e.g. computers, circuit boards, etc.); noise and vibration; land use; decommissioning and disposition of contaminated lands; private road construction; office building and grounds drainage; etc.

In today’s ever-changing regulatory environment, it is necessary for companies and municipalities to develop and continually monitor an “Environmental Program” that is geared to maintain equitable regulatory relations and better predict/control costs. True North Consulting (TNC) offers services that are geared to help our Clients determine if any of their specific business functions are subject to environmental regulations then develop cost-effective strategies to comply with these regulations and avoid environmental impacts, negative publicity, and costly penalties.

It’s not just the things that you don’t know or understand about Environmental Regulatory Compliance that can prove to be the most problematic and costly for you and your company, but rather the things that you don’t know, --- that you don’t know. Contact True North Consulting today and let our experience help you with your Environmental Programs.

Program Audit

test tubes In today’s business environment it is not only   necessary to remain profitable but to also ensure   that the company demonstrates proactive   environmental stewardship. Successful companies   find ways to include strong environmental   stewardship plans in their business portfolio.

 One of the ways True North Consulting (TNC)   assists our Clients in demonstrating strong   environmental stewardship is by offering our   “Program Audit” services. These services include   the three following options.

The deliverables for each of these service options will also include the following recommended strategies as applicable to each Client’s program:Recommended Strategies

  • Prevention
  • Mitigation
  • Recovery
  • Cost Savings / Regulatory Relations


TNC services are tailored to meet the individual Client’s needs in the development and management of a proactive, and successful Environmental Program. Our experience level includes all aspects associated with environmental management and compliance programs to include development, design, implementation, maintenance of a unique program, and training. Our extensive service combined with the application of convenient and powerful program development provides the highest quality overall solution for total environmental program management.

 Resource Management

True North Consulting (TNC) understands the challenges our Clients face in navigating complex regulatory requirements with the limited staffing and demanding schedules that are dictated by today’s business environment. To assist in minimizing the effects of suchShip conditions TNC has the capability to offer our Clients assistance in the area of Resource Management. Utilizing our industry knowledge, we  will identify resource and knowledge gaps that  will then be used to provide a cost-effective plan that will include a blended approach to close these gaps. TNC’s approach of integrating people,  processes, and business functions is integral to achieving a cost-effective, and successful compliance management program.

TNC personnel could be utilized to manage existing Client resources, screen qualified staffing candidates, and make the necessary recommendation that would provide the best fit for each open permanent position within the Client’s program management team. Our personnel would be phased out as the Client fills these positions with permanent staff. TNC could then transition into an oversight and governance role as deemed necessary for a period of time in order to ensure a thorough and effective transition.

TNC would be fully poised to offer our Client the option to utilize our personnel to fully manage the Client’s environmental program (and staff as applicable) on either a seconded basis utilizing the Client’s processes and procedures, or on a fully contracted basis with the option of utilizing TNC’s processes and procedures.


Project Management

True North Consulting (TNC) has the experience to offer thorough and effective Project Management Services to assist with the successful implementation of preventative, mitigation, and recovery efforts associated with environmental remediation efforts our Clients Smoke may have. Toward this end TNC will establish and implement   the controls necessary to provide the effective management of   the factors which will define the success of each of our Client’s   environmental initiatives.

 At TNC our Project Management process includes a Project Plan   unique for each initiative which provides the road map for the   project’s success. TNC is capable of providing a solely TNC   effort, or a blended TNC and Client approach toward project   implementation. Our goal is simple - provide thorough, successful, and cost-effective Project Implementation services. Our success in this area is attributed to maintaining the correct focus on the following:

The purpose of Project Management is to provide the leadership necessary to identify and predict as many road blocks, and risks as possible and then plan, and control activities in a manner that will ensure the project is successfully completed.

Clear Focus and Objectives
We will minimize and control situations that could result in a loss of focus, vague objectives or straying project direction.

Realistic Project Planning
Realistic Project Planning is a crucial aspect of project management, because it ensures proper expectations are set around what can be realistically delivered, when it can be delivered, and at what cost. 

Risk management
With our experience we are able to clearly define the risks associated with the specific implementation strategies, and develop “Risk Management Plans” designed to either prevent Turbine those risks from coming to fruition or provide mitigation strategies to minimize the consequences of those risks which cannot be prevented.

Quality control
At TNC we believe that a project’s output should be quality tested  at each key stage of implementation and that an increase  in quantity will result in better efficiency.

Cost Control
Cost control is synonymous with project management success.

A well-defined (not necessarily large) schedule will help to minimize the probability of project delays and cost overruns.

Click on the following hyperlink for additional information specific to the seven attributes identified above - 5 Key Project Management Attributes


Environmental Assessments

True North Consulting (TNC) has the experience to assist our Clients with the performance of regulatory or internally driven “Environmental Assessments”. Our Environmental Assessment Oil Rigservices and work products are designed to be employed during all phases of these assessment (i.e. planning, performance, or V&V).

Our Environmental Assessment services are based on performing  scientifically sound studies that are capable of being  utilized in the following key areas: 

Site Remedial Investigations and Environmental Surveillance
This type of investigation may be required if a Client needs to confirm or refute the existence of specific detrimental environmental issue or condition.

Ecological Resource Characterization and Environmental Restoration
Federal law requires that agencies and organizations assess adverse effects from any activity that has the potential to impact environmental habitats, or the wildlife species that utilize these habitats. Federal law further requires that specific strategies are developed to mitigate all potential impacts identified and if these impacts occur then these strategies are to include the specific plans necessary to restore the natural resources to their pre-impacted conditions.

Power LinesEcological and Cultural Resource Compliance
There are many federal/state laws and regulations which are designed to protect wildlife species and their habitats (plants and animals) and reserve cultural resources and archeological deposits.

Site Assessment and Wetland Delineation
As the result of CERCLA federal standards now require that an environmental professional conduct an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to evaluate potential environmental issues on lands previously used for commercial purposes. TNC also offers qualified wetland professionals skilled at identifying and delineating wetlands according to federal, state, and local regulations.

Click on the following hyperlink for additional information specific to the assessment identified above - Environmental Assessments


Integrated Monitoring Program

Either as part of a New Environmental Program deliverable or as a standalone initiative, True North Consulting (TNC) offers the development of a site wide “Integrated Monitoring Program” as part of a suite of valued deliverables to our Clients. The overall intent of an Integrated Monitoring Program is to provide a streamlined, standalone location which Tree incorporates all of our Client’s environmental monitoring efforts which are   necessary to demonstrate federal, state, and local regulatory compliance.   These would include, but are not limited to, sampling and monitoring   efforts associated with remediation efforts, environmental permit   compliance, regulatory notifications, regulatory orders, environmental   requirements associated with business operating license, etc.

 Programs can be developed to include specific data collection needs   associated with groundwater, surface water, meteorological, flow, and   ecological data in and around the Client’s facility or extended owner-   controlled property.

The program can include details regarding monitoring   associated with automated or manually collected data, ecological, hydrogeological, and biological data and will include the details of such monitoring.

Having an Integrated Monitoring Program which includes all sampling and monitoring requirements and their justifications identified in a concise and streamlined repository willFrogs prove to be an effective tool to our Clients. This integrated program will allow for the identification of duplicated and unnecessary sampling and monitoring activities, assist in demonstrating compliance during program audits, streamline the regulatory reporting effort, and allow for more effective budgeting and scheduling of required sampling and monitoring efforts.



Waste Manangement Program

Either as an integral component of a site wide Integrated Monitoring Program or as a standalone initiative, True North Consulting (TNC) offers “Waste Management Program” Refinerydevelopment as part of a suite of valued deliverables available to our Clients. This program will address the specific waste storage, sampling, and management solutions that are unique to our Client’s business functions. Some common waste generation streams which are addressed by a typical Waste Management Programs include:

• Asbestos abatement
• Lead based paint applications/storage/removal/disposal
• Site or company specific hazardous waste (laboratory chemicals, feedstocks, manufactured         products, cleaning chemicals)
• Construction and demolition debris
• Contaminated, or potentially contaminated soils

For Client facilities which potentially have hazardous materials stored on site, this program will properly identify and address any potential environmental risks and concerns associated with these materials as well as the locations these materials are stored. This program will assist our Client with the characterizations and determination of solid waste as non-hazardous, RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) hazardous, State hazardous, or exempted/excluded, and corrective actions (if needed).

For Client facilities which generate hazardous waste, this program will help to ensure that the Nuc Plant handling, disposition, and reporting required for solids wastes are   in accordance with the appropriate EPA RCRA waste rule and   applicable state and local regulations.

Additionally, TNC will help to   identify opportunities for reclamation and minimization. Data   record keeping, manifest tracking, and reporting requirements will be included in an established waste management program.



Regulatory Interface

At True North Consulting (TNC) we actively monitor emergent changes in environmental policies, and the links between these policies and environmental regulatory compliance. We Plant Overview   also understand the challenges our Clients face in complying         with complex environmental regulations while striving to meet     demanding schedules with fewer personnel and limited budgets.   This allows TNC the ability to provide our Clients with thorough   assisted, or completely independent, “Regulatory Interface”   support in either proactive or reactive federal, state, and local   agency interactions.

TNC is committed to working with our Clients to achieve the level of knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate through the environmental regulations unique to their business or if preferred, to have TNC interact with the regulators on their behalf. We have the capability to successfully bridge either short, or long-term experience and knowledge gaps our Clients may have from regulatory compliance reporting and interactions to third party or agency environmental compliance audits and public engagement.



Ask the Scientist

My company utilizes chemicals in a portion of our manufacturing processes. We store enough of these chemicals on site to maintain at least 30 days of manufacturing. Do we need to worry about any environmental regulations associated with the wildlife on adjacent properties that may have access to our property? 

* I am in the technology business. Are there any environmental regulations that I should be concerned about regarding how my company disposes of damaged or obsolete electronic equipment?
* I own several auto repair shops which each has a moderate amount of oily waste on a regular basis. Are there environmental regulations I should be concerned with regarding how I store this waste or how another company I hire to dispose of this waste is actually disposing of it?

* I am developing plans to build commercial buildings on a couple of different sites that are outside of any specific city limit which I plan to sublet to retail businesses for store fronts. I am installing a considerable amount of parking at each of these locations. Are there any specific environmental regulations associated with water runoff or wildlife controls with these plans?

If you should have any questions regarding Environmental Regulations please feel free to send us your questions along with your name and return email address toAskTheScientist@tnorthconsulting.com”. If you would prefer that we respond to you by phone, please provide us with a business phone number that we can contact you between the hours of 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday – Friday. We will respond to you within 5 business days of receipt of the above information, and as always, you and your company names will remain confidential. 

It’s not just the things that you don’t know or understand about Environmental Regulatory Compliance that can prove to be the most problematic and costly for you and your company, but rather the things that you don’t know, --- that you don’t know. Contact True North Consulting today and let our experience help you with your Environmental Programs.

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