Engineering Programs

True North Consulting, a programs engineering and services company, is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to the nuclear power industry.

Our unique "best practice" processes optimize program development, upgrades, and implementation with respect to cost, technical adequacy, and overall value to our clients. 

We have developed a unique combination of services and talent targeting improvement and standardization of Engineering Programs through incorporation of technology and consistent application of standardized and proven programmatic positions. 

Our Engineering Programs approach and the development of our services has centered on two main premises:

  1. Build and maintain a core Engineering Programs Team by recruiting, training, and applying the very best talent available.
  2. Standardize programmatic positions across our team and the industry at large through effective communications, sharing of information, and application of a consistent "Programs Philosophy" current with industry developments. 

Our innovative approach is founded upon a comprehensive array of Engineering Program services developed with particular emphasis on ASME Code and Regulatory Based Programs. 

This integrated array of services specifically provides for Detailed Program Assessments, Configurable Software Applications, Training, Basis Documentation, Program Interval Updates, and Program Implementation Support. 

True North Consulting's services are administered through a highly knowledgeable staff committed to support and success of the overall Nuclear Power Industry.

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